The KIK Friend Finder or KFF as it’s abbreviated in an online platform that those who sign up for it can use as a way to make friends and even locate past friends through the service know as KIK messenger. Those who sign up for KFF can download the APP for the service onto the Smartphone or access it through their laptop. KFF provides its users with hundreds of usernames that are registered with the service KIK Messenger.

Since it’s launch KFF has become of the largest databases of user names both male and female to hook up with new friends online. In many ways KFF is like an address book for the KIK messenger service. KIK messenger which was launch back in 2006 is an instant messaging service for mobile devices such as the smart pone. The service is provided by KIK Interactive.

So, if you are an active member of KIK messenger it might be a good idea to sign up for KIK Friend Finder. It takes the service to the next level and provides an easier way to work through the usernames in the database. So, the two tools do work together to provide a genuine service to their members.

How Can An Individual Use KIK Friend Finder


A person has a choice when going over to to KFF, they can go out there and just browse the list of individuals listed out there both male and female without interacting with anyone. This is done by just clicking on the different usernames featured and then looking over the profiles that the individual put out there.

This gives someone the opportunity to remain invisible and decide whether it’s worth making contact, so they have a choice of not being known to the other individual at that time. Another option is to be proactive and actually start to interact with others out there and getting to know them better. Of course in order to do this a person would need to sign up for the KFF service themselves. Keep in mind that when creating a new account the following information would be required to give, a username, the individuals gender and their age.

Other things can also be included such as a downloaded photo and a description, but these are optional and not required to use the service. However, giving a description that is genuine and creative can actually draw individuals to the account, and so could a picture which is something to keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that all the information provided to sign up for KFF must be be accurate and not made up.